DR and United States sign Punta Cana Airport customs agreement

Now it will be easier for travelers to use the Punta Cana’s International Airport bound for the United States.

The Dominican and US customs authorities signed an air pre-authorization agreement for travelers using Punta Cana’s international airport to the United States on December second (2nd) of 2016, whereby they will be exempt from registering at the arrival of their destinations, making the country the first Spanish-speaking nation and the seventh in the world to have this facility, along with Aruba, Bermuda, Bahamas, Canada, Ireland And the United Arab Emirates

With this agreement, domestic flights in the United States will be faster, allowing airlines to travel directly to more destinations in that nation, travelers will land customs and immigration from the United States before boarding the plane, This will mean that the waiting time of each passenger will be shorter and the airports will have a better handling in terms of capacity and growth of travelers.

This will help to improve the experience of visitors to the United States as an end point in transience to other destinations, and will be a strong economic and security alliance between the two nations.

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