International Trade

The different legal systems between countries can impact the way companies conduct national and international business and the expertise of our international lawyers can help you structure your cross border business and manage local and international trade and investment legal aspects.

Our International Trade group focuses in providing assistance with your international trade activities, business transactions and investments covering the Dominican Republic, including the drafting of international commercial contracts involving agency, distribution, franchise, licensing and manufacturing, while counseling on the applicable legal framework of free trade treaties and conventions.

We advise on the application of local and international law to your business activities, identifying and mitigating legal risks and adapting international agreements, policies and regulations to comply with legal requirements.

Our Support Area in International Trade

  • International business transactions
  • Commercial terms and conditions
  • Negotiating agency grant agreements
  • International joint ventures
  • Franchise & Distribution
  • International trade agreements
  • Customs and products importation
  • Export trade
  • International treaty law


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