Judiciary appoints new DR Court Interpreters

On December 8 of 2014, the Judiciary Council (CPJ) of the Dominican Republic issued Resolution 13-2014, thereby appointing 115 new judicial interpreters in different languages, who may provide legal translation of documents as well as language interpretation services in different courts of the country, within the corresponding powers granted in their role as auxiliaries of justice.

Judicial interpreters are the public officials empowered by the law, to interpret the expressions in languages different than Spanish (Dominican Republic official language), in the course of the hearings and depositions that take place before the Courts or as part of judicial investigations.

Dominican interpreters may translate documents to be presented before Dominican Administrative and Judicial Courts on the different areas, (such as civil, commercial, family, property, penal, tax) which encompass the Dominican legal system and to make certified translations of personal and private documents to be presented to administrative agencies and judicial authorities.

Arthur & Castillo Partners, Dra. Maria Arthur and Dr. Felipe Castillo, have been appointed judicial interpreters of the English language by the Judiciary Council of the Dominican Republic under Resolution 13-2014. This is an ad vitam appointment for the entire Dominican Republic Territory. In order to qualify for appointment as judicial interpreter it is necessary to prove competency in a language other than Spanish and vice versa, and to successfully complete the examinations by the National Judiciary School.

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