Dominican Free Zones Installation Requirements

The Dominican Free Zones Council require the appointment of a Dominican law firm and legal representative to file and follow through with the following Installation Permit Requirements:

  1. Letter addressed to the Dominican Free Zones Council requesting authorization to operate under the Free Zones regime, as provided under Law 8-90
  2. Installation request form for an Industrial and Services Free Zone
  3. Leasing agreement and/or letter of intention of the Park where the company will be installed
  4. Final or preliminary incorporation documents of the company, indicating the relationship of the shareholders their citizenship and contributions
  5. Proof of payment
  6. Samples of the product to be manufactured if applicable
  7. Letter of solvency or some document that identifies the investor
  8. Data of the firm and the person responsible for the filing that may furnish the information about the request

The Dominican Free Zones Council regulation and guidelines of best practices provide some of the considerations of form and substance to be met by applicant when filing the application.



Our Firm assists free zone enterprises in the industrial manufacturing, logistics and technology services sectors to establish and expand their business in the Dominican Republic, obtain free zone & logistic center authorizations, execute contracts and manage relations with government agencies and institutions.

Our free zones consultants assist in the preparation of free zone operation permit applications, review and negotiation of leases, commercial terms and conditions, purchase and supply agreements, purchasing & developing real estate, tax free equipment & machinery and advising on applicable free zones and logistics centers matters, including, corporate, customs, labor, tax, social security laws, among others.


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