Corporate Maintenance Services

Dominican corporate maintenance services to meet legal requirements is essential for every registered company in Dominican Republic.

Companies must file for their business register within the following month after their incorporation, and the same should be renewed every two years.

On the other hand, changes of domicile or other which may give rise to a change in tax duties should be notified within 10 days from the date the changes occurred.

We can provide you with the above corporate compliance registration and notifications services and assist you in the drafting of shareholder meetings and board resolutions when required.

Our expert attorneys are available to answer to any concerns you may have on corporate compliance and statutory requirements and the following services that we provide:

Our corporate services can help you keep good legal standing and avoid processing delays of other requests or filings, and/or government fines. Our corporate services means being one step ahead. We are here to assist you.

Registered office address

Dominican Companies and foreign companies who intend to register in the Dominican Republic must have a registered office address or corporate domicile for purposes of being able to obtain business and tax registration and procedural good legal standing.

As part of our corporate services, we can facilitate registered office address services to our clients both in standard and customized form. We can also assist in the transition of changing registered office address.

Maintenance of statutory registers

Dominican Corporate Laws and other laws and regulations can often require specific compliance with statutory rules in order to keep the company in good legal standing.

We can assist you by examining and keeping track of current company registers and inform you of any new developments and upcoming updates and renewals which need to be observed to keep the company running and operating in good legal standing.

Attendance at Board Meetings

Large companies and businesses with a much dispersed share ownership and possibly conflicting interests, celebrate live board of directors and shareholders meetings.

We can attend board meetings and assist you in any corporate and legal matters that could require our immediate attention to both advance and to defend your interests.

Minutes of meetings

Corporate decisions made through a meeting of company partners or shareholders, competent officers or managers, require a written and signed document often called “actas” (minutes).

We can assist you in the preparation, obtaining signatures and registering said minutes  while advising you on how to comply with corporate decision-making requirements.

Company conversion

Dominican incorporated companies may convert into another type of business if they meet the requirements for that other type of entity.

Our Firm has ample experience in undertaking Dominican company conversion processes, resolving dispersed shareholder assignments and resolving pending company matters during such conversion processes.

Corporate governance 

Dominican Corporations Law provides for some of the general rules pertaining the corporate governance of business entities.

Our Firm can advise on corporate governance, including powers, duties and liability of managers, rights of shareholders, rights of other stakeholders, disclosing and reporting transactions and setting up customized corporate compliance mechanisms.

Capital contributions

Most capital based business entities recognized under Dominican Corporations Law allow new partners and investors to contribute cash and make assets contributions to new and to existing business entities.

Our Firm can assist in guiding you through the rules for the recognition of capital and assets contributions and ensuring their due compliance.

Preferred shares

It is possible under most capital based business entities to issue different types of shares, including preferred shares having different rights, conditions and benefits than those of ordinary company shares.

Our Firm can advise you on the process for issuing preferred shares for your company and the rights and duties entailing the issuing of preferred shares, as a way of corporate finance and entry of new capital investors.

Amendment of bylaws

Amendments to Dominican Company By-Laws must generally be accompanied by the favorable decision of ascertain majority of company partners or shareholders.

Our Firm can assist you in the drafting and celebration of minutes and resolutions of partners and shareholders in documents and in person.

Corporate due diligence

Very often, we are in need to verify the legal and corporate existence and good standing of a commercial or business entity registered in Dominican Republic or to confirm the powers of corporate organs, officers and managers of certain commercial entities.

We can assist you in performing corporate due diligence before business, tax and other public and private registers, and examining corporate and legal documents so that you can be sure of the legitimacy and feasibility of prospective corporate business and investments.


Dominican Corporate Law provides for the rules applicable to the winding down, partial of permanent ceasing of operations, liquidation and dissolution of commercial entities registered to operate in the Dominican Republic.

We can assist you in performing the corresponding legal and tax due diligence, corporate compliance, and prepare the process for the dissolution of commercial business entities under Dominican Law.

Foreign Company Branch Registration

It is possible for a foreign company to register to obtain recognition and be able to validly execute business in the Dominican Republic.

Our Firm assists foreign companies, including offshore, international and multinational entities register their foreign company branches, while advising in the corporate compliance aspects of setting up their business in the Dominican Republic.

Assistance in bank account opening

Dominican Companies and registered foreign company branches may open bank accounts in the Dominican Republic.

We can assist in drafting and preparing the necessary corporate documents enabling for the opening of both corporate and personal bank accounts in the Dominican Republic.

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