Dominican Construction Permits Single Window Decree 259-18

The Single Window of Building Construction Permits in the Dominican Republic was created under Decree 259-18 of July 11, 2018 for the purpose of making more efficient some government procedures and optimizing the country’s institutional regulatory scheme.

The Ministry of Public Works and Communications of the Dominican Republic is the institution responsible for creating the National Office for this single window.  The implementation of the Single Window will facilitate and simplify the procedures for requesting and obtaining permits and licenses for the construction of buildings, while reducing the time currently involved in these processes.

The Single Window of Building Construction Permits, is a mandatory single digital platform that interconnects these procedures.

Through the Single Window of Building Construction Permits, permits and construction licenses will be requested in a unified manner to the different competent Government institutions and it will be possible to consult information related to current procedures and requirements for requesting such permits and licenses.

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