Contesting Paternity in the Dominican Republic

From an economic and legal perspective, a child’s paternity is important in matters such as child support and inheritance rights.

If paternity was established or presumed, the father can overcome paternity in the Dominican Republic by initiating a claim before the corresponding Court and proving that he is not the biological father. This is an action that you may want to undertake to avoid paying child support for somebody else’s child or to protect your successors, heirs or legatee’s estate.

To initiate a Paternity Denial suit, you will need to empower an attorney who will advise you as to the required information and documents, such as Birth Certificate of the child; prepare the brief, summon the parties, assist you in obtaining the DNA testing, and represent you in Court.

The DNA testing can fully determine if the alleged father is or is not the biological father, and the DNA results will be taking into account by the Judge to issue its ruling, as it is considered the best evidence.

Once a favorable ruling is obtained, your attorney will complete the necessary steps to update and amend the birth registry of child, accordingly, before the Dominican Civil Registrar.

Our experienced attorneys at Arthur & Castillo can guide and assist you through this personal and delicate matter with efficiency and professionalism.

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