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Welcome to Arthur & Castillo

Arthur & Castillo is a full service law firm in Dominican Republic with emphasis in commercial and corporate law, dispute resolution, international business, real estate, estate planning & successions, tax advisory, tourism and private client services.

We serve a broad spectrum of clients, including national and international companies, enterprises, family business and private individuals.

Our attorneys practice law with a highly strategic and forward thinking approach combined with creativity and innovation to deliver clients quality representation and excellent legal services.

At Arthur & Castillo we have a legal practice where Clients come First®. We are committed to successfully developing our client’s interests and achieving results efficiently.

About Us

In Arthur & Castillo we have a tradition of providing personalized attention and excellent services.

Our philosophy is to place our clients first and successfully develop their requirements.

Our goal is to succeed with our clients by providing them with the tools for reaching their objectives.

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